Delicious Handmade Cakes for Any Occasion


Cakes and Tortes Made from the Freshest Ingredients

No celebration or special occasion is ever complete without a delicious cake to share with your guests. Get a mouth-watering cake perfect for the occasion by getting in touch with Sonia’s Scrumptious Cakes. I’m Sonia, the owner of the company and an experienced cake maker. From wedding cakes and cupcakes to sponge cakes and chocolate tortes, I make a variety of sweet treats using the finest, freshest ingredients. Any dietary requirements can be catered for, while I always try and accommodate individual requests, so please get in touch now to discuss your order.

Celebrate Your Special Day

Wedding cakes from Sonia’s Scrumptious Cakes have three layers, with the bottom layer being a chocolate cake made from Belgium chocolate, flour, sugar, eggs, and vanilla extracts. All of my wedding cakes also come naked with no icing. Sugar roses are available to line the cake, with each rose being made uniquely to make your cake one of a kind.

Sumptuous Sponge Cakes

My sponge cakes are made from a combination of Victoria sponge, flour, sugar, and vanilla extracts. A layer of cream and raspberry jam sits between the top and bottom of the cake, with raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries decorating the top of the cake.

A Luxurious Layered Cake

Made from soft Victoria sponge, jam, and fresh cream, my strawberry layered cake is truly divine. Repeating layers of strawberries and cream are used to provide mouth-watering flavours. This cake looks almost as good as it tastes.

Choose a Tangy Lemon Treat

My fresh lemon torte is made in the style of a French pastry. The torte’s pastry is made from butter, icing sugar, eggs, and plain flour. Its filling is made with eggs, caster sugar, and lemon juice, with finely grated lemon zest and double cream creating a tangy and tasty flavour.

Satisfy Your Chocolate Craving

Made mostly from Belgian chocolate, my chocolate torte is a delectation for anyone with a sweet tooth. Other ingredients include ground almonds, egg whites, caster sugar, and vanilla extracts. As there is no flour used in the torte, it is entirely free from gluten.

Classic Cupcakes

Perfect for a wedding or any celebration with many guests, my cupcakes are made using plain sugar and flour. The cupcakes can be decorated with my unique, handmade sugar roses to provide a stylish finishing touch.

Contact me now to find out more about my range of celebration and wedding cakes and cupcakes.